Vans Warped Tour June 19 to August 8

In 1994, Kevin Lyman made the impromptu decision to gather a slew of some of his favorite South Californian punk and ska bands on a bus, and embark on a tour.

He could not have imagined that, a year later, he would be approached by the Vans Shoe Company, and that he would be tasked with crafting an annual festival out of his impromptu decision.

He could not have imagined that, in 1998, his impromptu idea would go international, and would feature venues in Australia, Japan, and Europe.

He could not have imagined that his impromptu decision would feature performers such as Bad Religion, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Blink-182.

He could not have imagined that, while the tour would feature some big names in its lineups, the appropriately-titled Warped Tour would always focus its attention on providing a launching pad for lesser-known artists.

He could not have imagined that his impromptu decision would celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2014.

And he could not have imagined that his impromptu decision would become a catalyst for the longest-running annual tour in North America.

And yet, it all happened.

Recognized as the largest traveling music festival in the United States, the Warped Tour is the crown jewel and defining event of the punk genre. Incorporating genres such as ska, pop, punk, and metalcore into its unique sound and feel, the Warped Tour offers a refreshing change of pace from conventional outdoor summer tours, and prides itself on its ability to shine the spotlight on artists that audiences may be less familiar with.

Now, Warped Tour is back from June 19th to August 8th. The tour will travel to venues such as Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, and will feature performances from rapper Riff Raff, English metalcore band Asking Alexandria, and American rock band Matchbook Romance.

Are you prepared to get warped, and experience the tour that never dies?

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