Toronto Maple Leafs – Montreal Canadiens Rivalry Starts Soon!


Toronto Maple Leafs Play Habs in October!

How long must the Toronto Maple Leafs endure prolonged humiliation and enduring mediocrity before the team’s owners are roused from complacency and take action? Turns out, the answer to that is; a very, very long time.

Unfortunately, the Toronto Maple Leafs have become nothing more than a shadow of their former selves. There was a time when the Leafs enjoyed a multitude of Stanley Cup victories and division championship titles. There was a time when the team was a pop culture phenomenon. There was a time when the Toronto Maple Leafs embodied the very essence of Canadian hockey.

But those are pages from a long-forgotten novel.

Despite being the most valuable franchise in the league, the Leafs have been cursed with rotten luck and poor management, as perceptible by the fact that the team is enduring the longest current drought between Stanley Cup championships in the league (the Leafs last took home the Cup in 1967).

Last season, things went from bad to worse as Toronto’s finest collapsed under the weight of disorganized leadership following the dismissal of head coach Randy Carlyle. Ultimately, the team set a new franchise record for eleven consecutive defeats, and experienced a historically atrocious season. As if the agonizing ordeal couldn’t get any worse, the team’s thirteen-year long sellout streak finally came to an end, signifying that the patience of the Leaf fan base is finally dwindling.

Still, there remains hope for the ill-fated team, as it is possible that brilliance can rise from the ashes of incompetence. Finally spurred to respond to the team’s inadequate performance, the team’s owners are attempting to transform the Toronto Maple Leafs into a blank space that is ripe with potential. Coaches Peter Horacheck, Steve Spott, Chris Dennis, and Rock St. Croix are among the staff and personnel relieved of their duties. Additionally, the Director of Player Development, Director of Professional Scouting, Video Coordinator, and nearly 20 other scouts were also fired.

With new leaders come new dynamism, new possibilities and, optimistically, new victories. As the Toronto Maple Leafs commence the new season by welcoming the Montreal Canadiens to the Bell Centre on October 7th, the future is ripe with uncertainty and – perhaps unwisely – hope.

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