Green Day on a 24-date North American Trek

No Trump, no KKK, no fascist U.S.A.!

Last Sunday, the American Music Awards proved to be a relatively uneventful and uninspired affair – that is, until Green Day took the stage.

In a bold and unprecedented move, the members of the internationally renowned punk group embodied the voice of dissent as they infused their performance at the awards show with a political-driven rage which stunned the audience and produced a heated frenzy on social media. Towards the end of their performance of the lead single off their latest album Revolution Radio, the trio erupted into a rousing chant of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist U.S.A.!” As the crowd looked on in disbelief, Green Day utilized the high-profile awards show as a podium to slam business mogul turned president-elect Donald Trump. According to lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, the anti-Trump chant was completely unrehearsed.

Naturally, the distinguished punk rock band’s outspoken political voice is no surprise to those who have followed the group’s trajectory over the years. After all, Green Day’s forays into political commentary were easily perceptible on their seminal 2004 album American Idiot and its 2009 maximalist follow-up 21st Century Breakdown. Even recent hit single “Bang Bang”, the song which was performed at the AMAs, is tinged with political outrage as it chronicles the perspective of a mass shooter and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Regardless, Green Day’s statement are particularly poignant given the results of the presidential election and the recent rise in hate crime in the United States. The trio’s performance embodies the essence of punk, a genre dedicated to fighting against perverse establishments and oppressive order. As President-elect Trump prepares for his inauguration in January, Green Day’s actions will surely inspire other celebrities to voice their discontent loudly while continuing to bring the battle to the forefronts of the public sphere.

Green Day will take their outspoken political views on the road as they promote their tour-de-force album on a 24-date North American trek. The band will perform at venues such as London’s Budweiser Gardens, Hamilton’s First Ontario Centre, Montreal’s Bell Centre, and Quebec’s Video Centre. Punk rock group Against Me! will support the band during their extensive tour.

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